Sunday, February 21, 2010


Most of the time, when we have plan for a fishing trip, a fishing guide always comes out as a question. Several people already know how to fish, isn’t it, but why must we hire fishing guide to guide us during the trip, is it because they are costly.

This might or might not be correct. Even though someone might be very expert on fishing and that can be consider but once we are traveling quite far away area and some more we are not familiar with the fishing situation, then we have to make a decision to hire a guide.

When we say guide it always be a guide. He can told us where or what to do when he thinks the fish will be and sometimes even help us to land, but the real task actually is up to us to do all those things. It does not mean we can see the fish or catch one, after we spend more on a guide, actually it give us significantly raise our chances.

The majority guides are enormous fishermen by themselves and really familiar the local part like the back of their hands. They are always updating on present surroundings and can identify everywhere the fish at this moment. Usually they spend most of their time fishing at the lake or river for many years, that is why they really know and familiar where can caught the best fish. With no a guide, maybe we easily waste a lot of time trying to caught or find those fish.

We have to make our goal clear to this guide if we decide to hire them; therefore they can deliver what we want. Basically we discuss what type of fish we want to catch and the technique we want use.The cost for this guide around $100 to $200 a day. For this we can get the expert advice from the experience fishing guide on the best locations for fishing especially, tips on how to catch the fish and have a marvelous luscious for lunch.

Giant Catch...!!!